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There's Always a Price to Pay...

Every marriage has it’s own unique story. You meet and fall in love with the perfect person, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with for better and for worse. And now you’re ready for the next step. Where do you begin? Well whether your wedding will be big or small, there’s a lot to do! First question to ask yourself: What do you want, and what do you want to spend?

Piggy Bank Budgeting on Calculator
One of these little guys could really come in handy right about now. Both of them...

Okay maybe that was entirely two different questions. Nonetheless, the answers go hand in hand. Balancing the memories you WANT to make at your wedding with the final costs you WILL incur can be quite the challenge. Something to remember though… Chances are your wedding day is going to fly by. And I do mean FLY BY! Yes, you might hate to hear it, but all the money and results of the time spent planning your wedding are going to come and go quicker than you can cut the cake. In fact, you’ll probably spend your honeymoon trying to recall exactly what happened on your wedding night.

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What just happened?

This is why it’s so important to prioritize what’s important to you when it comes to making and capturing all of those special moments. Everything from the photographer and videographer you choose, to whether you use a DJ or a band (or both), to what kind of party favors you have has to be assessed if you have a budget to meet. This all rings true no matter how big or small your wedding might be.

How do you know where to best spend your money to stay in your budget? Do you even know your budget or do you even have one yet? Even if you don’t have a budget right now, how can you get the best value for the money you are spending?

The sun is so beautiful. Maybe if we stare at it long enough, we won't be able to see how much we're over budget...

Every couple planning out their wedding has these same questions. How you prioritize your wants and needs for your wedding will determine the answers. This is where a wedding coordinator or planner can help you out the most.

Before figuring out who’s baking your cake, or which photobooth vendor offers the coolest snapshots, the first needs to be addressed are deciding on the size of your wedding and the best venues to use. If you think you just want a few very important people in your life to witness your event, a more intimate ceremony can be significantly cheaper than your standard size wedding because there are far less guests to account for and you can use a much smaller venue. Also, the catering will naturally cost less (less food to cater, less cake to bake, etc.).

On the other hand, a large gathering of people can either be very formal or extremely casual (think backyard wedding), and creates a more festive, celebratory atmosphere for your big day at potentially greater expense. So figuring out who you want to be at your wedding will help you figure out where best to have your wedding. Keep in mind that guest counts can grow quickly when you include those +1’s!

Before you go, check up on the below bullet points listed below. They nicely sum up the size of your wedding into a few basic categories. Knowing your guest count and what venue you will be using will get you started on the right foot when budgeting for your wedding!


Wedding Sizes / Guest Counts:

  • Very Small / Intimate Weddings: Very few guest, just the wedding party or very close friends and immediate family.

  • Small (<150 guests): 150 guests is less than you may think once you take into consideration your extended family and guests +1’s (if you allow them).

  • Typical Weddings (150 < 300 guests): The most common event size.

  • Large Weddings (300+ guests): Can present challenges when it comes to finding decent venues with the right amount of space and parking for everyone.

  • Elope / Justice of Peace: The two of you and that’s it.

  • Destination Weddings: Can be large or small, but may come with extra costs to go with the extra special memories.

  • Backyard Weddings: When you just want to party and have a good place to celebrate already.


Still not sure? Email Deanna Johnson ( or Sean Johnson ( and pick our brains! We’d love to hear from you and help you hit the ground running on planning your big day!

-P.S. We do event planning too!


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Cheerfully Yours,

Sean Johnson

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