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Our New Blog!

Hello and welcome to Revel & Cheer's new blog! Our wedding coordinating journey has been a fun one over the past couple of years. We’ve experienced many great weddings, met some amazing vendors, and seen some beautiful venues. We’ve suffered through COVID and the challenges it presented not only to us, but to our industry as a whole. During this same time, Deanna and I welcomed our first child into our world, Mason. He has been an absolute blessing in our lives. Mason will soon be joined by his little brother this August (2021), and we're so excited to bring him into the world! Though we took our foot off the pedal in 2020 due to above mentioned recent events, we’re stomping on the gas again as we speed forward into 2022 and beyond. We have a lot of great things lining up for Revel & Cheer’s future, and we can’t wait to share our story with you as it continues to develop!


For our new blog, we hope to be able to bring you a lot of info over the coming months. Info that covers who we are, how we help you in planning the many different facets of your wedding or event, a look at the events we perform, and much more! We’re excited to be bringing this to you as Revel & Cheer ramps up our efforts to connect to you, our customer. We look forward to hearing your input and questions, and we hope this information helps you during your wedding planning experience. Please feel free to reach out to Deanna or I anytime!


(Deanna Johnson)

(Sean Johnson)


Cheerfully Yours,

Sean Johnson

Revel & Cheer, LLC

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