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Here's to Life Finding a Way...

…to getting back to normal! Whew, the past year and half has been crazy! Here at Revel & Cheer LLC we too have felt the impact of the past year and half’s antics. Many of our Brides and Grooms had to reschedule their weddings from happening in 2020 to happening this year. Restrictions that were in place due to COVID-19 really put a damper on people’s plans, but I’m happy to say that the weddings we had to move from last year to this year are almost all done.

Though 2020 was crazy, it wasn’t all bad news. We had some good news too! Deanna & I had our first child in May of 2020, and we just recently celebrated his very first birthday! Even though our business (like most during these times) slowed a bit, it gave us that much more opportunity to love and watch our little one grow over the past year. As such, we’ve made Mason our new corporate director. He tells us what to do and we listen! Congratulations Mason Johnson on the new gig!

Fireworks for a wedding in Baton Rouge
Here's to celebrating new life and new journeys!

So what else is new? Possibly big things for Revel & Cheer. With restrictions being lifted, and couples looking to celebrate their engagements without further delay, the industry is bouncing back stronger than ever! After all of that, what better way to ring in our new blog section than with some photos of what has come and gone over the past year, as well as a toast to what lies ahead? Bring on the new weddings!

Last but not least, we are also performing several other non-wedding related events. We are also looking forward to updating you all on such events as they get closer. So keep a look out for updates!

Bar alcohol for weddings and events
Possible other non-wedding related events...

If you want somebody to handle all of the coordinating for your venue and all your vendors, go ahead and email the fine folks (that's us) at Revel & Cheer LLC.

Visit our new blog regularly to see the latest and greatest from our end! Our goal is to bring you a whole lot of tips, show you the weddings we’re doing, and introduce the vendors that we're doing them with!


(Deanna Johnson)

(Sean Johnson)


Cheerfully Yours,

Sean Johnson

Revel & Cheer, LLC

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